About Us

We have been in the automotive supply business for over 30 years. Until recently,  we have only supplied municipalities, states,and the federal government. We decided to take our business to the next level. We wanted to offer the same savings the gov’t has enjoyed to the public. With our aftermarket division, we want to supply the same quality powertrain products to you at the same bottom line pricing that the gov’t has been buying from us for years. Because, we all know ” no one buys it cheaper than the gov’t.”


We at Wholesale Powertrain know that most customers do not have the time nor the resources to check the background or quality controls of every engine and transmission remanufacturer in the US. That’s why we’ve done it for you. Our suppliers have been remaning engines and transmissions for over a combined 120 years. Our remanufacturers build engines and transmissions to OEM’s demanding specs. They use some of the most cutting edge technology in the industry today. You will find the same robotics and CNC machining only in OEM plants. With cutting edge technology and highly skilled technicians, its no wonder that our suppliers were some of the first to be registered ISO-9002/QS-9000. No other remanufacturer can match that!


Here at Wholesale Powertrain, we are supplying our customers with some the highest quality engines available to the public. Our remanufacturers use only parts that live up tp OEM’s rigid standards. In our gas engines, most cylinder heads,blocks, and crankshafts are machined from raw castings. On our diesel side , each engine is torn completely down inspected and all wear items are replaced with 100% new parts everytime. Upon completion, every engine is 100% dyno tested before shipping. You will not find a better quality engine on the market.


We know your transmission is just as important as your engine. That is why our suppliers have to give our customers the same quality assurance that our engine suppliers give. They use the best parts ,like Raybestos, Borg Warner, Seal Power, and Transtec, when building a transmission. Unlike some rebuilders that only replace paper and rubber, our ASE certified technicians carefully inspect each part and replace all wear parts with 100% new. Each unit is pretested on a computerized dyno to simulate driving conditions and loads.


You will be hard pressed to find a better built or higher quality engine or transmission on the market today! So don’t hesitate and order your product today!


Our most popular remanufactured engines.

Ford Remanufactured Engines (most popular)
Ford 2.0 engine

Ford 2.3 engine
Ford 2.5 engine

Ford 3.0 engine

Ford 3.9 engine

Ford 2.8 engine

Ford 2.9 engine

Ford 4.0 engine

Ford 3.8 engine

Ford 4.2 engine

Ford 4.9 engine

Ford 5.0 engine

Ford 5.8 engine

Ford 6.6 engine

Ford Romeo 4.6 engine

Ford 4.6 engine

Ford 5.4 engine

Ford 370 engine

Ford 429 engine

Ford 460 engine

Ford 6.8 engine

Ford v10 engine


GM Remanufactured Engines (most popular)

GM 2.2 engine

GM 3.1 engine

GM 3.4 engine

GM 4 engine

GM 5.0 engine

GM 5.7 engine

GM 366 engine

GM 427 engine

GM 454 engine

GM 496 engine


Chevy Remanufactured Engines (most popular)

Chevy 2.2 engine

Chevy 3.1 engine

Chevy 3.4 engine

Chevy 4.o engine

Chevy 5.0 engine

Chevy 5.7 engine

Chevy 366 engine

Chevy 427 engine

Chevy 454 engine

Chevy 496 engine


Chrysler Remanufactured Engines (most popular)

Chrysler 2.0 engine

Chrysler 2.4 engine

Chrysler 2.5 engine

Chrysler 3.2 engine

Chrysler 3.3 engine

Chrysler 3.5 engine

Chrysler 3.7 engine

Chrysler 3.8 engine

Chrysler 3.9 engine

Chrysler 4.0 engine

Chrysler 4.7 engine

Chrysler 5.2 engine

Chrysler 5.7 engine

Chrysler 5.9 engine


Dodge Remanufactured Engines (most popular)

Dodge 2.0 engine

Dodge 2.4 engine

Dodge 3.2 engine

Dodge 3.3 engine

Dodge 3.5 engine

Dodge 3.7 engine

Dodge 3.8 engine

Dodge 4.7 engine

Dodge 5.2 engine

Dodge 5.7 engine


Import Remanufactured Engines (most popular)

Toyota 1ZZFE engine

Toyota 5SFE engine

Toyota 22RE engine

Toyota 2RZFE engine

Toyota 3RZFE engine

Toyota 3VZE engine

Mazda 2.3 engine

Mazda 2.5 engine

Mazda 3.0 engine

Honda 1.6 engine

Honda 1.7 engine

Honda 2.2 engine

Acura 2.3 engine

Honda 2.3 engine

Honda 1.5 engine

Nissan VG30 engine

Nissan VG33 engine

Nissan QR25DE engine

Isuzu 6VD1 engine

Isuzu 6VE1 engine

Isuzu 4ZE1 engine

Subaru 2.5 engine

Subaru 2.5L engine

Subaru 2.5RS engine