Remanufactured Engines

Seeking high-quality replacement engines at direct-level pricing? Wholesale Powertrain is an industry leader when it comes to supplying remanufactured engines. We provide a feasible, affordable approach to engine replacement by offering manufacturer-quality engines to outfit hundreds of vehicles.


Why Choose a Remanufactured Engine?

Let’s face it: Cost matters, but no one wants to sacrifice quality. Before settling on a used engine to satisfy your wallet, opt for a remanufactured engine that’s durable, like-new, and won’t break the bank. You’ll find that a remanufactured engine retains greater resale value than a used engine and will perform better too.


Our Process

At our Dallas-based plants. you’ll find a dedicated team of technicians working diligently to craft like-new engines for hundreds of applications. We utilize the best parts to ensure that each new engine meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specs and performs up to the rigorous industry standards. We abide by a stringent inspection process that ensures the complete integrity of each remanufactured engine we sell.

In the remanufacturing process, we deconstruct, clean and re-machine faulty components or replace them altogether when required. Each engine is thoroughly inspected for quality and performance, and any necessary updates or improvements are executed in order to match each engine with current manufacturer specifications for that model.


Proof of Quality

No surprises here! When you purchase a Wholesale Powertrain engine you instantly know what you’re getting. Each engine is accompanied by an industry-leading warranty that acts as a direct testament to the quality of our products. We utilize the most intelligent engineering and advanced technology available in the industry to construct high-quality, affordable engines that last. Combine that with a strict adherence to best industry practices, and it’s easy to see why we’re an enviable model for our competitors!