Remanufactured Transmissions

A faithful adherence to manufacturing excellence in our remanufactured transmissions sets us apart from the rest. And with a highly-efficient, streamlined manufacturing process in place, we’re able to offer you those direct-seller prices that you won’t snag anywhere else.


Each remanufactured transmission is refashioned with the highest level of new parts content available in the industry. Our transmissions have been completely taken apart, assessed for defects and faulty components and then remanufactured. The best parts built to pass the test of time are carefully re-assembled to fit inside each transmission’s original housing. The result? A robust, fully-equipped transmission (including all sensors and tail shaft assembly) is made ready to ship.


We’re here to get you back on the road faster while keeping prices down. Opt for a remanufactured transmission from Wholesale Powertrain that’s guaranteed by an industry-leading warranty, and purchase a transmission that’s made to last at savings that can’t be beat!